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Registered office addresses and mail forwarding services in London

Every UK limited company or limited liability partnership will be legally required to have a registered office address. This will be the address for all official correspondence such as communication from Companies House or from HMRC and will be the address that is registered at Companies House.

The address that is registered must be an actual address in the UK and has to be in the same country where your company has been registered. For example if a company has been registered in Scotland it must also have a physical address in Scotland and this address will need to appear on the following:

Mail forwarding by National Accountants

We can offer our clients a mail forwarding service. We are often asked if it is possible to use a home address as the address for a limited company and that is permissible, however there are several reasons why you may not think this is a good idea:

Privacy: because a company's address is made public then you may not wish to have your private home listed for everyone to see and for it also to be linked to your business. This could be for security reasons or because you want to keep your private and business life separate

Avoiding cold callers and spam mail: If you give your home address as your business address then because it is in the public domain you melee yourself open to being bombarded by people trying to send you spam mail or cold calling you to sell products and services and this may not only impact you but other people who live at your address.

Creditors: maybe one of the most important things you may wish to avoid in the event of your business hitting any financial difficulties will be bailiffs or other creditors turning up on your doorstep because your business is address has been listed as your private address

Your address is in a remote area: If your home address or your business is in a very remote area of the UK it may be more difficult to do business outside of that local area. Having a business address in a better known area will certainly help give more credibility to your business when people are considering whether or not to work with you or buy from you.

If your home is rented: If you are living in rented accommodation you may not in fact be permitted to give your home address as a business address.

Our registered office address has several advantages such as:

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