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The term management accounts refers to standard or tailormade financial details that will be produced on a quarterly or a monthly basis, aimed at helping to monitor a business’s performance. They are not a mandatory requirement that HMRC or government imposes in the way that statutory accounts are and will be prepared at the end of the financial year with a focus on an individual business’s requirement.

Management Accounts will act as a report on financial details that will be used by management and owners of business to give valuable insight into the health of the finances of that business. They do that by attacking KPI (key performance indicators) and they are also used for strategic decision making, on a day to day basis.

Management Accounts are also crucial in financial planning and in growing companies. If you intended to go to the bank for a loan, Management Accounts would be extremely useful as they show an assessment of your financial data and any decision maker would see easily whether or not you had a strong financial position and would be a good candidate for a loan

Management Accounts, where they are used in small businesses, are crucial for monitoring and running the organisation and for highlighting key indicators relating to performance. They will also chart whether goals are being achieved within the timeframes that have been set.

Some useful markers that can be detailed by management reporting are:

To summarise, Management Accounts can be an extremely useful tool that can be used to ensure that a small business is run to its fullest potential. It will also highlight successes and failures so that the right financial decisions can be made to drive the business forward.

What do I need to put in a Management Reporting Pack?

When you are preparing a management reporting pack you need to make sure that all relevant information that will be needed by the key decision makers in the company or the management are there, so that they can make educated an informed decisions. Some larger organisations may have very large sets of management account reports but most management reporting packs will consist of the following:

  1. A profit and loss account showing the businesses performance over a certain period of time, typically detailing income and expenses. Reporting packs will differ according to the business concerned.
  2. A balance sheet that will show the financial position of any business at a specific time and will normally be compared with notes that will help to show liquidity ratios, business ratios and other crucial information that can help with cash flow planning.
  3. Key performance indicators, depending on the nature of the business, National Accountants will work with members of your management team to identify relevant key performance indicators. this will then be compared within the industry and kept under regular review to monitor the health of the business .
  4. Aged creditors and debtors reports. This information contains a summary of everybody that owes the business money showing the amount that is owed and for how long that money has been owed. It will also help with cash flow and with risks of bad debt. In the case of aged creditors, this is a list that will be compiled of people to whom the business owes money. If this is correctly managed then it will provide crucial financial information that will give you a better idea of when and how much to pay any suppliers to your business.
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